Ideas flow through my mind; I am stimulated by the world around me. I seek an outlet to express my thoughts. Some ideas are substantial, some profound, some superficial, some haunting, some emotionally overbearing. These thoughts are stirred from conversations, events, politics, human nature — ideas that are pondered within and, when matured, seek release.

The canvas, the forms, colors, and their spontaneous and contemplative manipulation, I find most exhilarating. My work seeks to capture the best of these thoughts and translates them into the language of color and a form that invites dialogue in the human marketplace of ideas. While my work over the last several years has been focused on painting, my art is continually expanding to include multiple mediums, whether they be photography, film, web-art or installations.

The events and factors of my life that converge upon my vision of the world, coupled with a certain level of creativity, motivate my expression. While I am part of the Haitian Diasporas of the early 1960s, when my parents and a large extended family sought politically safer havens in the far reaches of the globe, I am also very American in thought and feeling. And, although I grew up in a devoutly Roman Catholic family, I have forged my own personalized spirituality. While versed in logic, I am also able to tap into an whimsical free flowing imagination. While I revere the past, I wonder about what is yet to be and how the world may be redefined and reordered. I am American yet Haitian, I am Haitian yet African, I am African yet European. All of these juxtaposed factors undoubtedly play a role in my art.

I am interested in the complexity of things — the nuance, the shapes of gray, the analytical quest for answers. I am a lover of ideas and the journey that leads to them. I want my painting to memorialize my intellectual and spiritual voyage, my human odyssey, undoubtedly play a profound role in my life and art.