We have all been affected by the unimaginable pain that the cataclysmic natural events of January 12, 2010 have raged upon the fragile state of Haiti. So many men and women of goodwill throughout the world have extended their hands and hearts to those most affected by this catastrophe. But the crisis is not over — the needs of Haiti’s citizens are long term.
We are all trying to determine what we can do to assist in Haiti’s renaissance. As an artist, I wanted to create a poster that reminded people of the historical importance of Haiti and to inspire people to “join” forces, rather than simply “helping,” which connotes more of a handout. I also wanted the poster to be a call to arms, as opposed to a distress call. 2010 might also be remembered as the beginning of Haiti’s second revolution — a renaissance and evolution of sorts. As with all revolutionary change, Haiti’s rebirth will extend for years to come.
Even in giving, we need to be mindful of the way we give — the form of our giving. It is my hope that in helping to rebuild Haiti, donors will work with organizations and groups that understand and respect the dignity of the Haitian people and aid them as co-partners rather than imposing a foreign cultural and socio-economic will upon them. Major decisions about rebuilding should be sensitive to the concerns of those who live in the nation as well as the large Diaspora communities abroad.
I will donate the net profits from the sale of this poster to Partners In Health, Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Fund and to small local schools hard-hit by the earthquake. We will continue to add organizations as we go along. So, purchase a poster and keep the interest in the Haitian people going. Join forces to encourage a positive modern-day transformation of this very unique nation.

Best, Timonde

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